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I don't know how often I should worm my cows, Once a year? Twice?

Answer posted by Linda

Twice a year is best - spring & fall.

If you have liver flukes in your area, you need to worm with Ivomec Plus injectable or other wormer effective against flukes, after a hard frost in late fall or early winter. The hard frost kills the snail that carries the flukes.

Look through some of the university web sites. There are some excellent articles on worming.

Answer posted by Jeanne

We use Safeguard's "Strategic Deworming" program. In theory, you try to deworm before the cattle load up the fields with eggs. We worm the cows in the late fall before the deadline for grub treatment. (this date differs for different regions - we have to degrub before 11-1) We use Ivomec in fall. In the spring, we worm the cows 8 weeks AFTER they go out on grass with Safeguard drench. Theory being that it takes 8 weeks for the newly ingested eggs to make a complete cycle in the cow, before she starts speading eggs on the fields thru her manure. Now the calves are different, it takes 4 weeks for their egg cycle. We worm them 4 weeks after grass, then again at 8 weeks when we worm the cows. We use this time to give 4-way vaccination shots to the calves since they need to be given 4 weeks apart. (We give the cows 9-way in April prior to breeding.)